8 Steps to Success in PE by Nathan Walker

It’s been a while since I posted this infographic, and with the launch of the new site I thought I would repost this. These are what I genuinely believe are the 8 essential ingredients that combine to make truly emphatic and profound learning experiences in physical education.

  1. Promote innovation and creativity
  2. Maximise activity and enjoyment
  3. Eliminate the fear of failure
  4. Encourage thinking time
  5. Advocate a love for movement
  6. Instil self-challenge and discipline
  7. Set and maintain high expectations
  8. Be a role model and inspiration

My personal belief is that if we stick to these 8 elements we will be more likely in providing young children with the physical education experience that they deserve. We must create meaningful experiences in PE that our students will reflect upon, remember and learn from. As PE teachers our primary focus is to empower young children in becoming confident in movement, as well as increasing participation in recreational and competitive sport. All of this equating to hopefully an enriched quality of life, short term and long term.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Nathan – nathanwalkerphysed.com – @nwalkerpe


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